I decided Dotman Design is the company for my needs. What's next?

Great decision!

The overall process works like this:

The Meeting – We meet with you (in real life or on the phone) to get a solid understanding of your business and the role of your web site. We’ll brainstorm with you and make suggestions based on what we feel is the best way to meet your goals.

The Design – We go to the drawing board and produce multiple designs and tweaks.

The Development – The vision transforms into reality. During this stage, it is tested on multiple platforms and operating systems to ensure consistency.

The Launch – Your web site or other project is complete and goes live!

What is hosting? Can you host my web site?

Hosting is a service provided by a vendor which offers a physical location (such as a computer) for the storage of web pages or files that is connected to the internet.

We’ll more then happy to host your site.

Does Dotman Design have to host my web site?

Not at all. We can work with any host of your choosing. Some we prefer more then others. Hostgator.com is our favorite host to work with.

What's a domain name? Can you set that up?

Basically, a domain name is the memorable and easy to spell address for your web site. It is separate from setting up a web host. There are many domain name registration services available with GoDaddy.com consistently being one of the cheapest around.

We will gladly register your domain name on your behalf.

Who owns my web site and content?

The short answer is you. We will typically include your project in our portfolio unless you ask us not to. When the project is wrapped up, the site and all of the contents is yours.

Can I edit my web site?

Sure! We typically build websites using a CMS (Content Management System). When your website is completed, we’ll show you how to log in and maintain it.

Can you help me with this new fangled social media stuff?

Yes. If your idea of Social Media is You-Pin-Twit-Face, we can help explain it to you and set it up for you as well.

Can you help me with my office's computer network?

No. We can recommend people though.

How and when do I pay you?

Credit card, Paypal, check or cash… we take it all. We will ask for a deposit at the beginning of your project, the rest will be due upon completion. If it is a long or continuous project, we have other options as well.

I don't see my question here.

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In comparing our site to others, we believe that the the content, look, and feel are better than anything else out there.

— Jim, Phoenixville Blues Festival